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PASADENA, TX — Are you in full blown house hunting mode in Pasadena yet, or are you thinking about where to begin? If you’ve hit a fork in the road find a ne home in Pasadena, think about using the Pasadena Patch Real Estate Guide to find the open

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Myanmar: UN blames Facebook for spreading hatred of Rohingya

‘Facebook has now turned into a beast’, says United Nations investigator, calling network a vehicle for ‘acrimony, dissension and conflict’

Facebook has been blamed by UN investigators for playing a leading role in possible genocide in Myanmar by spreading hate speech.

Facebook had no immediate comment on the criticism on Monday, although in the past the company has said that it was working to remove hate speech in Myanmar and ban the people spreading it.

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How Cambridge Analytica turned Facebook ‘likes’ into a lucrative political tool

The algorithm used in the Facebook data breach trawled though personal data for information on sexual orientation, race, gender – and even intelligence and childhood trauma

The algorithm at the heart of the Facebook data breach sounds almost too dystopian to be real. It trawls through the most apparently trivial, throwaway postings –the “likes” users dole out as they browse the site – to gather sensitive personal information about sexual orientation, race, gender, even intelligence and childhood trauma.

A few dozen “likes” can give a strong prediction of which party a user will vote for, reveal their gender and whether their partner is likely to be a man or woman, provide powerful clues about whether their parents stayed together throughout their childhood and predict their vulnerability to substance abuse. And it can do all this without delving into personal messages, posts, status updates, photos or all the other information Facebook holds.

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Welcome to Powder Mountain – a utopian club for the millennial elite

When these young entrepreneurs bought a remote ski resort in Utah, they dreamed of an exclusive, socially conscious community. Is this the future, or Mt Olympus for Generation Me?

Jeff Rosenthal is standing near the top of his snow-covered mountain wearing a fluffy jacket, fingerless gloves and ripped jeans. “It’s surreal, man!” he says, shivering as he surveys the landscape of newly laid roads and half-built homes. “That’s Ken Howery’s house, the co-founder of PayPal. Awesome house!”

He lists the other investors who are turning this remote Utah community into a crucible of “generational ideology, innovation and entrepreneurship”. Richard Branson will have a house here, and so will the world’s most powerful marketing executive, Martin Sorrell. The Hollywood producer Stacey Sher and the actor Sophia Bush will be their neighbours, as will Miguel McKelvey, a co-founder of WeWork, and the renowned technology investor and author of The 4-Hour Work Week, Tim Ferriss.

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Stick to the letter of car-parking rules – or get a fine motorists can’t tell the difference between n O and 0, but that counts for nothing when it comes to charges

I received a fine at a hospital car park in October despite having paid £10 for a week’s parking. I appealed to POPLA (the parking on private land appeals process), which found against me because it was claimed I had entered my car number plate with a K instead of a J. My number plate does, in fact, include a K. The J is a figment of their imagination. When I pointed out their statement was factually incorrect they refused to reconsider.

MR, Tyne & Wear

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Facebook apologises for search suggestions of child abuse videos

Searches starting ‘video of’ returned autocomplete suggestions of sexual videos and child abuse content

Facebook has been forced to apologise after it spent hours suggesting bizarre, vulgar and upsetting searches to users on Thursday night.

The social network’s search suggestions, which are supposed to automatically offer the most popular search terms to users, apparently broke around 4am in the UK, and started to suggest unpleasant results for those who typed in “video of”.

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‘They’ll squash you like a bug’: how Silicon Valley keeps a lid on leakers

Working for a tech company may sound like all fun and ping pong, but behind the facade is a ruthless code of secrecy – and retribution for those who break it

One day last year, John Evans (not his real name) received a message from his manager at Facebook telling him he was in line for a promotion. When they met the following day, she led him down a hallway praising his performance. However, when she opened the door to a meeting room, he came face to face with members of Facebook’s secretive “rat-catching” team, led by the company’s head of investigations, Sonya Ahuja.

The interrogation was a technicality; they already knew he was guilty of leaking some innocuous information to the press. They had records of a screenshot he’d taken, links he had clicked or hovered over, and they strongly indicated they had accessed chats between him and the journalist, dating back to before he joined the company.

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Uber accused of silencing women who claim sexual assault by drivers

Court records reveal company says women must settle through arbitration, a move critics say stops the public from learning of rapes

Uber is trying to force women who say they were sexually assaulted by drivers to resolve their claims behind closed doors rather than in the courts, a move that critics say silences victims and shields the company from public scrutiny.

Court records in a California class-action lawsuit revealed that the ride-sharing firm has argued that female passengers who speak up about being raped in an Uber must individually settle their cases through arbitration, a private process that often results in confidentiality agreements.

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Twitter a ‘particular challenge’ for plans for online porn age checks

Thinktank that helped ministers draft rules to verify ages says it is unlikely site would be blocked

Twitter and other social media companies have so far refused to engage with the government’s plans to introduce age checks to limit underage access to online porn, an organisation that strongly influenced the rules has said.

Lord Erroll, a crossbench peer who chairs the Digital Policy Alliance (DPA) – a thinktank that has collaborated with the government to draft the rules on age verification, admitted the ultimate sanction intended for sites that fail to implement AV – blocking – is unlikely to be applied to Twitter.

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