Twitter blocking users who were underage when they signed up

Tech firm acts on accounts created by users under 13 at the time to comply with GDPR

In an effort to comply with GDPR, Twitter is blocking users who were underage when they signed up for the service – even if they’re now well over 18.

The company instituted a wave of account suspensions on 25 May, the day the new privacy regulation came into effect, locking the accounts of any user whose self-declared date of birth suggested that they may have been under 13 at the point they signed up for the account.

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Typing ‘’ into Google app might be weirdest glitch ever

Is this strange Android app bug an Easter egg? Whatever it is, it has mystified users on Reddit

Software and apps are full of so called Easter eggs, which bored coders put in to trigger something novel just for fun. If this is one of those, it’s the most bizarre Easter eggs for a while. Type “” into the Google app on your Android phone and see what happens.

For some reason that particular string of characters – not the band by the same name or the real url with just one “.” – brings up a user’s text messages in the Google app. The same thing happens for “zela viagens”, “izela viagens” and “vizel viagens”, as well as a variety of other characters such as “the1975.#com”.

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How can I get faster broadband in a rural area?

Broadband is slow on June’s farm and BT wants £16,000 to install something faster. What are the options?

We’re a rural family of six with three businesses on site and we have three landlines in order to be able to use broadband. It is a disaster – usually less than 1MB, peaks occasionally at 4MB – and sometimes the kids have to go to the village to do homework.

Why isn’t BT forced to enable rural homes with the same deals that city people get? BT wanted to charge £16,000 to connect us!

BT isn’t forced to offer rural homes the same deals as city people because – as your £16,000 quote illustrates – it would cost too much. BT is busy extending its high-speed network to rural areas but the British government, via the DCMS’s Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) scheme, and local authorities are contributing to the cost.

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How much screen time is too much for kids? It’s complicated

Parents have been advised to limit media consumption, but research suggests it’s the nature of it that matters

For many parents in the digital age, battles over screen time and devices have become a depressing part of family life, and knowing how much is too much has become a moving target.

Whether it’s three-year-olds throwing tantrums when the iPad is taken away, seven-year-olds watching YouTube all night, nine-year-olds demanding their own phones, 11-year-olds nagging to play 18-rated video games that “all their friends” are, or 14-year-olds who are never off Instagram, every stage of childhood and adolescence is now accompanied by its own delightful new parenting challenges.

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Google launches video doorbell with facial recognition in UK

Nest Hello promises to recognise friends and family at the door, but could provoke privacy concerns

Google’s facial recognition video doorbell, the Nest Hello, is launching in the UK to challenge Amazon’s Ring.

Initially released in the US in March, Nest Hello is the first of Google’s new home security product lineup to make it to the UK, ahead of its Nest Secure alarm system.

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Drone rules made law to reduce threat to aircraft

Law introduced banning drones from flying above 400ft and within 1km of an airport

The government has announced measures to tackle the dangers drones can pose to people, aircraft and airports.

From 30 July, drones will be banned by law from flying above 400ft and within 1km of an airport boundary, because of fears they could damage the windows or engines of planes and other aircraft during takeoff or landing.

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Tesla that crashed into police car was in ‘autopilot’ mode, California official says

If confirmed, it would be the third time a Tesla in autopilot has crashed into a stationary emergency vehicle this year

A Tesla car operating in “autopilot” mode crashed into a stationary police car in Laguna Beach, California, leaving the driver injured and the patrol vehicle “totalled”, according to an official.

Sgt Jim Cota, the public information officer for the Laguna Beach police department, tweeted photos of the accident, which was reported at 11.07am on Tuesday. The driver of the Tesla, who suffered minor lacerations to the face from his glasses, told police officers the Tesla was in the semi-autonomous mode, although further investigation is needed to confirm this.

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Bosses may be forced to pay £500,000 fines for nuisance calls

Directors could face financial penalty on top of fine directly imposed on company

Business directors could be personally fined up to £500,000 if they fail to prevent nuisance calls, under a government consultation on the issue.

While there has been a big recent increase in the fines issued to companies – last year one was fined £400,000 for making almost 100m automated calls in 18 months – there is concern this has not been a sufficient deterrent.

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