Bank of America hiring brand safety officer to ‘clean up’ online ads

New role created after fears about questionable content, following Unilever’s public stand against ‘fake news, racism, sexism and hate’

Bank of America is to hire a “brand safety officer”, a full-time job dedicated to ensuring that the company’s advertising doesn’t appear alongside questionable content online.

The new role, announced at the MWC conference in Barcelona, comes weeks after Unilever threatened to pull adverts entirely from Facebook and Google.

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Bill Gates: cryptocurrencies have ’caused deaths in a fairly direct way’

Microsoft founder slams digital currencies as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak reveals he was victim of bitcoin scam

Bill Gates, the philanthropist and former chief executive of Microsoft, is concerned by the crytocurrency craze, saying that the anonymity offered by the new technology has “caused deaths in a fairly direct way”.

Speaking during a Reddit AMA, Gates argued that “the government’s ability to find money laundering and tax evasion and terrorist funding is a good thing.

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Amazon buys video doorbell firm Ring for over $1bn

Smart doorbell maker is retailer’s second largest acquisition as it pushes further into in-home deliveries and internet of things

Amazon has acquired video doorbell and home security camera maker Ring in a deal reportedly worth more than $1bn, as it pushes further into the internet of things and in-home-delivery space.

The deal values Ring, which makes and sells popular video doorbells in the US, UK and Europe, at between $1.2bn (£86.4m) and $1.8bn, according to reports, making it Amazon’s second largest acquisition after the $13.7bn deal last year for Whole Foods Market.

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‘Right to be forgotten’ claimant wants to rewrite history, says Google

Man wants results that mention his criminal conviction removed in first case of its kind in England

A businessman who has launched a legal bid to remove some search results about his criminal conviction in the first “right to be forgotten” case in the English courts should not be allowed to rewrite history, lawyers for Google have said.

Related: The right to be forgotten is the right to have an imperfect past | Suzanne Moore

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Self-proclaimed bitcoin ‘creator’ sued for $10bn

Suit brought by former coding partner’s family alleges Craig Wright stole bitcoins and intellectual property

Craig Wright, the Australian man who claimed to have invented bitcoin, is being sued for more than $10bn ($7.2bn) by the family of his former business partner.

The lawsuit, first reported by tech site Motherboard, alleges that Wright mined bitcoins together with Dave Kleiman, a programmer who died in 2013, after which time Wright “perpetrated a scheme” to “seize Dave’s bitcoins”. The plaintiff representing Dave Kleiman’s estate, Kleiman’s brother Ira, admits that the total amount of bitcoin in question is unknown – but says it is likely to be between 300,000 and 1.1m.

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Apple to launch ‘technology enabled’ healthcare service

Following Amazon’s lead, iPhone maker creating in-house clinics and health service for employees

Apple is launching its own primary care health clinics called AC Wellness, following Amazon and Warren Buffett’s push into healthcare.

Similar to Amazon’s team up with Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan, the AC Wellness Network aims to serve Apple’s roster of employees and their families providing “compassionate, effective healthcare to the Apple employee population”.

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