Facebook enables ‘fake news’ by reliance on digital advertising – report


Paper co-written by former company exec recommends switching news feed back to chronological listing

Another former Facebook executive has spoken out against the company’s current business practices, arguing that they directly enable electoral interference.

Dipayan Ghosh, once a privacy and public policy advisor for the social network, argues now that disinformation of the sort used to interfere in the US election and the EU referendum is strongly linked to the nature of Facebook as an advertising platform.

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Facebook bans cryptocurrency adverts because so many are scams


Social network blocks initial coin offering ads as they are ‘frequently associated with misleading or deceptive promotional practices’

Facebook has banned all advertising for cryptocurrencies because they are “frequently associated with misleading or deceptive promotional practices”.

The company added the rule to its advertising policies on Tuesday, in an update to its list of “prohibited content”.

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Uber urges NSW users to complain about $1 tax per ride


The tax will apply from Thursday and go towards $250m taxi industry compensation

Uber has urged users in New South Wales to complain to the state’s transport minister about the introduction of a $1 tax on the company which comes into force on Thursday and is likely to be passed on to customers.

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Car-sharing company GoGet took seven months to tell customers of data hack


Day after man arrested, company says police advised that notifying affected customers sooner may have jeopardised the investigation

Car-sharing company GoGet has received praise from New South Wales fraud detectives for being “proactive” following a data hack last year, despite waiting nearly seven months to advise customers.

The company emailed users on Wednesday morning to apologise for the breach, a day after a 37-year-old man was arrested by the riot squad at Penrose, in the state’s southern highlands.

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Amazon and Warren Buffett to create ‘reasonable cost’ healthcare company


  • Business giants partner with JP Morgan to help employees find care
  • ‘The ballooning costs act as a hungry tapeworm on the US economy’

Amazon is diving into healthcare, teaming up with Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway and the New York bank JP Morgan to create a company that helps their US employees find quality care “at a reasonable cost” and tackle the “hungry tapeworm on the American economy”.

The business giants offered few details on Tuesday and said the project is in the early planning stage. But the move from Amazon, which has long eyed the US’s enormous health market, sent shares in health insurance companies and pharmacy chains into a tailspin.

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BP to install charging points for electric cars at UK petrol stations


Further indication that oil firms are planning for growth of battery-powered vehicle market

BP will add rapid charging points for electric cars at its UK petrol stations within the next two months, in the latest sign of an oil giant adapting to the rapid growth of battery-powered cars.

The British oil firm’s venture arm has invested $5m (£3.5m) in the US firm Freewire Technologies, which will provide motorbike-sized charging units at forecourts to top up cars in half an hour.

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Blockchain is this year’s buzzword – but can it outlive the hype?


The open-source ledger behind bitcoin is touted as revolutionary for everything from banking to health, but the jury is still out

The speculation around cryptocurrencies has obscured the fact that blockchain, the decentralised, open-source ledger that drives bitcoin, could radically change how ownership is verified.

While the value of the main cryptocurrencies fluctuates, “blockchain” remains a lucrative buzzword that companies have found is a magnet for funding. But cutting through the hype, could blockchain technology really revolutionise the way anything from banking to education is run?

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